AT3051RD Remote Diaphragm Differential Pressure Level Transmitter
AT3051RD Remote Diaphragm Differential Pressure Level Transmitter
January 25, 2021
2088 Pressure Transmitter
AT2088 Gauge Pressure Transmitter
January 25, 2021

AT3051 RD Tri Clamp Remote Level Transmitter

  1. Application: liquid level transmitter,density
  2. Output: 4-20mA, HART
  3.  Measurement range: 0~2068Kpa
  4.  Process connection: ,tri-clamp ,flange DN50 DN80
  5.  English LCD display
  6.  Certificate: CE, SIL3, ISO9001, Explosion Proof

Brief Introduction

ATRD3051 remote level transmitter   Differentail pressure transmitter for level measurement is used to prevent pipe directly into the transmitter in the medium pressure sensor assembly, between it and the transmitter is filled with fluid
by capillary connecting, ATRD3051RD  remote pressure transmitter used to measure pressure liquid, gas
and steam, and then outputs the signal pressure corresponding 4-20mADC transmitted. ATRD3051RD remote level transmitter can communicate with each other HART Communicator, through its setting and monitoring.


• Measuring range: 4kPa-2MPa

• Output signal: 4-20mA, 4~20mA/HART, customer

• Reference accuracy: ±0.2% URL, ±0.5% URL

• Media temperature: -40-120℃

• Measuring medium: pressure, level, differential pressure, density, interface, flow

• Protection class: IP66

• Diaphragm material: SUS316L, Hastelloy C,Tantalum

• Stability: ±0.2% URL/5 years

• Process connection:  Tri-Clamp 1-1/2″, Tri-Clamp 2″or as required

Industry application

• Process control system

• Petroleum industry

• Chemical industry

• Food industry