AT3051RD Remote Diaphragm Differential Pressure Level Transmitter
5 Way Manifold Valve
February 4, 2021
AT3051 TG(TA) Pressure Transmitter
AT3051 TG(TA) Pressure Transmitter
February 5, 2021

AT3051 LT Flange Level Transmitter

  1. Application: liquid level transmitter
  2.  Output: 4-20mA, HART
  3.  Measurement range: 0~2068Kpa
  4. Process connection: flange DN50 DN80 or as required
  5.  English LCD display
  6.  Certificate: CE, SIL3, ISO9001, Explosion Proof

Brief Introduction

Flange level transmitter is used to measure level and density of liquids with solid and sediment,then convert into 4-20 mA current signal output.available to connect with Hart Protocol for data monitor and control.diaphragm pressure transmitter widely used in petroleum,chemical,metallurgy,electric power,food,paper, pharmaceutical, machinery,manufacturing and other industries.


  • Measuring range: 10KPa-2MPa
  • Working Temperature: -25 to +95C
  •  Current Output: 4 – 20 mA   2 wires   Hart Protocol
  •  Power Supply: 24VDC
  •  Ambient Temperature: -25 to +120C
  •  Process connection: DN50PN16, DN80PN16, as required
  • Extented diaphragm diameter:50mm,100mm,150mm,as required
  •  Electrical Connections: 1/2”NPT or M20*1.5
  •  Enclosure:IP65
  •  Intrinsically Safe: ia II C T6
  •  Explosion proof: d II B T5
  • Diaphragm material: SUS316L, Hastelloy C,Tantalum

Industrial application

  • Process control system
  • Petroleum industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Power plant